It's really all about you...

You've landed on the 'About' page, so I guess you would like to know a little about Bellinger Larrard Flowers....

I'd like to say I grew up on a flower farm, or my grandmother taught me all I know from years spent in her cottage garden, but the reality of it is very different.

Flowers charged into my life,

like....a knight in shining armour.

My knight arrived with the first snow of a new year, whilst I was sat 

apprehensibly in an awe-inspiring Floristry School, in Bath. I desired 

a significant career change in my life, and reassurance that the

artistic training and visual eye from my previous life in commercial Interior Design were able to be transferred into Floristry. I blocked the world out, submerged myself in the most therapeutic, intensely satisfying and educational training I could have imagined. It was an epiphany... a simply life changing experience. I felt an instant connection, understanding and passion. 

Today, I am proud to be part of the the world wide flower family of Floral Designers, Farmers and Growers, and I value every moment. I am busy providing artisan blooms and installations for many different events and people. Working from my floral studio in Wiltshire, no two days are the same. I may be creating bouquets and boutonnières for gorgeous brides and grooms, making up floral meadows for retail premises, demonstrating wild organic wreaths in happy workshops, or arranging beautiful blooms just for you! 

My designs are prepared with great thought, using stunning ethically sourced flowers and foliage, wherever possible from local growers, cottage gardeners and seasonal suppliers. I have even started growing my own, and planning for a future that includes more extensive flower farming too. I love creating arrangements that are intriguingly textural, interestingly shaped, with pops of hedgerow and orchard details. Designs that are natural, enchanting and poetic.

I pride myself on being as eco-friendly as I possibly can. Avoiding floral foam, one use plastic wrappings and containers. Instead opting for ceramics, glass and metal containers, chickenwire, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. My designer's mind runs wild with creative solutions to less environmentally considerate methods, and I continually strive to put these ideas into practise. 

I am always truly appreciative and respectful of the trust people place in me. Bellinger Larrard Flowers isn't about me though, it's really all about you. I'm just here to listen, inspire and assist you to achieve and hopefully exceed your aspirations. 

Anita Larrard
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