Venue Dressing

With a background in commercial

Interior Design we are able to ensure that a unique and creative floral style is seamlessly woven throughout your event. 

Carefully listening to your requirements we are able to passionately inspire you and make your special event wonderfully memorable.

We can take the lead on designing your event

or just be there to give support, whatever is right for you.

Always carefully considering the impact of the big picture, we are also incredibly meticulous about the detail. 

As Charles Eames so wisely said, "The details are not the details. They make the design."

Floral Designs

We love unique and quirky seasonal flowers and foliage from local flower farmers and cottage gardeners. They add the wild, untamed charm and completeness to our floral designs. 

Our designs follow the seasons and have a natural, textural, enchanting and poetic style. Often we add twists of interest using accessories and props. 

We can provide all your floral needs from bountiful bouquets, to urns brimming with seasonal blooms, berries and foliage, to large scale living pieces that will keep on growing.

We support the grown not flown ethos wherever possible and are always trying to be creative to avoid the use of floral foam.

Bellinger Larrard is a proud member of

Flowers From The Farm.


Having an eco-friendly outlook, we are very conscious of environmental footprint. We  therefore rent out a wide selection of reusable glass, ceramic, metal and wooden containers for blooms and foliage. 

A wide variety of props and accessories are also available for rental, to enhance your wedding or event. It is an eclectic mix, which is constantly evolving with our clients needs. Please do contact us to find out what is available.

We are also happy to source items for your specific style requirements. 



Farewell Flowers

At a time of great sadness we are able to sensitively create bespoke arrangements that both commemorate and celebrate the life of that loved one who has  passed away. We can incorporate those little details that make the floral tribute truly personal, and comforting. Even gathering blooms and foliage from their home, if desired. 

Bellinger Larrard Flowers is a proud member of Farewell Flowers. 

Private Parties

There are always so many reasons to celebrate...birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, dinners and charity events to name but a few.

We can produce enchanting arrangements and installations, using locally sourced, wild organic blooms, to help your private event look and feel simply stunning.   

If you need support with 'decking the halls' for Christmas, we just love creating those magical festive spaces. Whether it be rooms, wreaths or trees.


There is nothing quite like a memory making workshop!

Providing you with a unique floral experience. Sharing our love of quirky blooms, foliage and hedgerow treasures. Making seasonal 

wreaths, living arrangements, floral attire and bountiful bouquets to name but a few. Combining our 'how to make..' sessions with photo opportunities, refreshments, fun and laughter.

Look on Instagram page for up and coming courses




If you are arranging an exhibition we would be more than happy to design and supply floral installations for your venue or establishment. Whether it be an entrance arc, photographic opportunity centrepiece, table blooms or arrangements.

We have also been asked to display our own artisan flowers as part of exhibitions, which we have gladly done.

Corporate Events

Make your corporate event memorable and stand out from the competition. 

In a highly competitive world and ever evolving market, through engaging floral design and venue dressing, we aim to help attract new and existing clients to your corporate event.

Floral installations can make powerful marketing tools, stunning visual statements. Clients will remember the photographic centre pieces, drawing attention to your product, service or company branding. Often posting images on their own social media sites, spreading your message to an even wider audience.

Call or email to arrange a free consultation.  

Employee Workshops

According to Forbes, "The most successful,  memorable team-building events are ones that don't feel like a day at the office.

If you want to " trust, mitigate conflict, encourage communication, and increase collaboration.." in your company you need activities that your staff won't forget. 

Bellinger Larrard Flowers can provide that.

We have blooms and ideas by the 'bucket load'! Whether creating a large scale installation or  living arrangements, we can give your staff an event to remember.